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Shirley Duke Shell

Expedient oil changes

If you're not having your oil regularly changed, you might be causing damage to your vehicle. Over thousands of miles, oil becomes diluted and breaks down. Don't let that happen to your vehicle; call Auto Repair Alexandria VA today to schedule your oil change.  

  • Air filter check

  • Brake fluid exchange

  • Coolant fluid service or replacement

  • Timing belt repair

  • Fuel system cleaning

  • Standard wheel alignments

  • Spark plug & wiring check

  • Transmission fluid and replacement

Complete engine check

Not only will you get a full service oil change that your vehicle needs, but also our essential maintenance and diagnostics that will make sure your vehicle is healthy for years to come. Give us a call today!

Keep your vehicle healthy

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Call us today for a fast and quality oil change!

We also offer full synthetic oil change as required by manufacturer